The Five Laws Of Cybersecurity

“How we face death is at least as important as how we face life.” As we enter the new year, I can’t help but recall these words from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan — one of my favorite movies. 2017, by … Continued

Cyber Attack Hits Safety System in Critical Infrastructure

Industry is abuzz this week over reports issued by both FireEye and Dragos about a cybersecurity incident that took place at a critical infrastructure facility in the Middle East. As a publication focused on a broad spectrum of automation and control technologies throughout manufacturing, Automation … Continued

Industrial Cybersecurity is a Key Support to Availability

Industrial control systems (ICSs) are the workhorses of our physical world, and ICSs are becoming more Internet-connected, more virtualized in many cases, and more remotely accessible by the day. Gartner Research indicates there will be 8.4 million devices by the end of … Continued

Top Five Recommendations

As someone with deep experience in advising companies on how best to de-risk the enterprise, I wanted to find out what advice he would offer to boards and to management teams. For instance, he notes that his top five recommendations for boards … Continued

5 questions to ask your CEO about cybersecurity

Businesses will continue to face a ton of cyber threats, some of which will impact organizations severely enough to require security measures that will reach far beyond compliance. A Ponemon Institute study showed that the average compromised record cost approximately … Continued


Buckley, who succeeds Bill McNabb as CEO on Jan. 1, was asked at the 2nd-annual Evidence-Based Investing conference what keeps him up at night. “Cyber,” he replied at Thursday’s conference in New York. “It is front of mind all the … Continued

ISA-95 Is Necessary for Smart Manufacturing

An information model used to define the interface between control functions and other enterprise functions, ISA-95 does not become dated over time the way technology would. It provides a smarter way to push ahead. What impact will the Industrial Internet … Continued

Cybersecurity for Control Systems in Process Automation

Attacks to your production system may happen at any time and at any level – from outside as well as from inside. Which concepts and measures exist to protect your assets efficiently from software attacks? The ISA99 standards development committee … Continued