Cybersecurity Health Check voor middelgrote bedrijven

Middelgrote bedrijven kunnen met cyberbeveiliging aan de slag met de nieuwe Cybersecurity Health Check. Het instrument kan ook gebruikt worden door accountants om het gesprek op dit onderwerp aan te gaan. Vier grote accountantsorganisaties hebben het instrument op verzoek van … Continued

Cybersecurity: A Major Concern And A Great Business Opportunity

Connectivity through the Internet has yielded businesses everywhere tremendous productivity and profitability opportunities. The hitch in this otherwise welcome world is great vulnerability to cyberattacks. The same electronic avenue that makes business more profitable and life so convenient and easy … Continued

What is IEC 62443-4 Conformance Certification?

ISASecure® Certifications The ISA Security Compliance Institute (ISCI), a not-for-profit automation controls industry consortium, manages the ISASecure™ conformance certification program.  ISASecure independently certifies industrial automation and control (IAC) products and systems to ensure that they are robust against network attacks … Continued

Defending industry against cyber attacks

The manufacturing industry is growing increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks, as automation, data-rich production cycles and connected sensor technology move mainstream. READ MORE >>>

If you are not secure, then you are not safe

The main non-sector specific functional safety standard is IEC 61508. Within IEC 61508 it references IEC 62443 for security. IEC 62443 is entitled “Security for industrial Automation and Control systems” or “Industrial communication networks – Network and system security” depending … Continued

IEC 62443 als Security-Standard

Für Maschinen- und Anlagenbauer wird Security in Zukunft ein wesentlicher Erfolgsfaktor sein. Für deren Kunden – also die Betreiber von Anlagen im Bereich der kritischen Infrastrukturen – schreibt das IT-Sicherheitsgesetz seit diesem Jahr die Einführung eines Security-Management-Systems vor. Aufgrund der … Continued