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The International Society of Automation (ISA) is a non-profit professional association of engineers, technicians, and management engaged in industrial automation. As the globally trusted provider of foundational standards-based technical resources for the profession, ISA strives to build a better world through automation.

We are the European office of the International Society of Automation and our focus is on training all around the world. If you have any questions please email us on

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ISA/IEC 62443 (ISA-99) Cybersecurity Certificate Programs

ISA has developed a knowledge-based certificate recognition program designed to increase awareness of the ISA/IEC 62443 (ISA-99) standard.
This new ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Expert certificate program is designed for professionals that need to develop a command of industrial cybersecurity terminology and understanding.

The True Cost of Not Providing Cybersecurity Training

The problem is that many organizations see training as an expense and not as an investment.

Untrained employees will, inevitably, lack the knowledge to use company resources properly, which will lead to unprotected sytems and a big risk that your systems will be hacked rather sooner than later.

Because of this, your employees, your company, and your clients will all suffer. So it is not the question if your company wants Cybersecurity training, your company simply needs this training.


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