Willy Leuvering

Mr. Willy Leuvering holds a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Electrical Engineering, Computer Technology from the Hogeschool ‘s Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. Willy has over 20 years’ experience in the Industrial Automation Business. He started his career as an application developer for both PLC and SCADA solutions. In 1993 he co-founded DeltaLink, the Dutch-Flemish distributor for USDATA products. He was as the CTO responsible for the product development, professional services and services. He was the lead-developer for the current FactoryLink Distributed Alarm System. After that he was the founder and CEO for the most successful ObjectAutomation distributor in the World. Mr. Leuvering is a frequent speaker at seminars, workshops and trade show all over the world. Willy is our ISA Certified trainer and Subject Matter Expert for ISA-88, ISA-95 and ISA/IEC62443

Bas van de Kerkhof

Bas van de Kerkhof is born in 1964 in Eindhoven and has a broad knowledge of as well Trial Technology as Information technology and Technique. He studied Foods Technology at the MAS and after that Process Technology at the HAS in ‘s Hertogenbosch. Further he graduated in Information Technology at the Catholic University Tilburg. Furthermore he won an European “Making the difference award” at Strasbourg.

He was working of 1986 until 2001 by Mars which he for example developed an automation system and a production planning system for all European sites of Mars. Further he developed a management information system and a warehouse management system. From 2001 he decided to start its own business through which he developed a production planning system based on the ISA-95 standard. Bas is a member of the ISA SP95 commission and is our trainer for ISA-88, ISA-95 and ISA-100.

Carlos Montes Portela

Carlos Montes Portela received a B.Sc. degree in Software Engineering and a M.Sc. degree in Business Process Management and IT (cum laude). His master thesis focused on the design space of the ICT architecture of the Smart Grid taking into account security and privacy issues. Carlos has 21 years of experience in different roles: software engineer, technical and functional designer, IT architect, EAI/SOA architect, team leader and senior smart grid innovator. Currently, Carlos is a senior DSO / OT Security Officer within the Asset Management business unit at Enexis B.V., a large Dutch Distribution Grid Operator. As a TOGAF, CISSP and CISM certified DSO Security Officer, Carlos is responsible for the management of OT security related risks and the OT Information Security Management System to handle these. He is responsible for embedding privacy and security into the different stages of OT related initiatives. He has been involved in projects related to Smart Metering, RTU’s / Substation Automation, Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles and incentive based Smart Grid Demand / Response scenarios with home consumers. Carlos combines his work at Enexis with conducting training courses for ISA-Europe in the Dutch, English and Spanish language. Carlos is one of our Certified Trainers and Subject Matter Experts for the ISA/IEC62443 training program.

Carlos Montes Portela es licenciado en Informática (B.Sc. – Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering) y ha obtenido un máster (M.Sc. – Master of Science)  en Gestión de Procesos de Negocio e Informática (cum laude). Su tesis de se centró en arquitecturas ICT para Smart Grids (redes eléctricas inteligentes) teniendo en cuenta las exigencias en temas como ciberseguridad y privacidad. Carlos tiene 21 años de experiencia en diferentes puestos: ingeniero en programación de software, diseñador técnico y funcional de sistemas, arquitecto de sistemas, arquitecto EAI / SOA, líder de equipo e innovador senior en proyectos relacionados a redes inteligentes. Actualmente Carlos como OT Security Officer es responsable de la gestión de la seguridad de la información de los sistemas de contol en Enexis B.V. Enexis es un operador de redes de distribución de gas y electricidad holandés.

Como OT Security Officer Carlos tiene las siguientes certificaciones: TOGAF, CISSP, CISM y ISO-27001 Certified Implementer. Carlos es responsable de que se incorporen privacidad y seguridad en las diferentes etapas de las iniciativas relacionadas con OT / sistemas de control / redes inteligentes en Enexis. Ha estado involucrado en proyectos relacionados con Smart Metering, RTU / Automatización de Subestaciones, Carga Inteligente de Vehículos Eléctricos y escenarios de Demanda / Respuesta de redes inteligentes basados ​​en incentivos con consumidores domésticos. Carlos combina su trabajo en Enexis con la realización de cursos para ISA Europa en holandés, inglés y español. Carlos es uno de nuestros profesores certificados y expertos para el programa de cursos relacionados a  ISA/IEC-62443.

Philip Westbroek

Philip Westbroek is a datacommunications and cybersecurity enthusiast with more than 20 years experience in these fields and holds a masters degree in information security management. He combines his work as an OT security officer at Enexis Netbeheer (a company responsible for energy distribution to 2.7 million customers) with training activities for ISA Europe. After working for Ericsson Telecommunications for 10 years, he moved to the energy sector in 2006. During the past 12 years he was responsible for the design and realisation of a number of smart grid projects, mainly in the fields of smart metering and distribution automation. Among these projects were a cryptoserver solution to protect smart meter key material and the Enexis Private MVNO solution. This award-winning mobile M2M datacommunications solution enables Enexis to switch from one mobile operator to another without swapping the SIMs Enexis use in their RTUs, smart meters and other M2M equipment. He was also involved in a number of European tenders as the responsible expert for datacommunications and cybersecurity. Philip currently works on the preparations for the ISO27001 certification of the Enexis Netbeheer OT environment. He is one of our Certified Trainers and Subject Matter Experts for the ISA/IEC62443 training program.

>Christian Haas

Christian Haas received his diploma degree in Computer Science from the University of Karlsruhe in 2008 and his doctoral degree from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in 2014. Between 2008 and 2015 he was a researcher at the Institute of Telematics at KIT where he participated in several projects for the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). In 2014, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the competence center for applied security technologies (KASTEL). Since 2015, he is working as the group leader of a research group on Securely Networked Systems at Fraunhofer IOSB in Karlsruhe.
His research interests are network security, wireless sensor networks and security for industrial production systems.

David Meier

David Meier received his master degree in Information System Technology from the Technische Universität Darmstadt in 2013.
Since 2014, he is part of the research group on Securely Networked Systems at Fraunhofer IOSB in Karlsruhe where he participated in multiple projects for the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and European Commission.
He has been involved with multiple projects in the area of industrial IT security for industry partners and public authorities. His research interests include network security, wireless networks and security for industrial systems.

Lieven Dubois

Lieven Dubois studied Electronic Engineering in Belgium, followed by a professional training in software engineering. He worked 10 years in process automation, in Chemicals (batch and continuous processes) and Automotive (manufacturing) in different functions. In 1990, as one of the systems’ architects, he applied real-time expert system technology to an alarm management project in Belgium. In 2001, he was co-founder of UReason. Lieven attended the EEMUA 191 Second Edition Release in 2007 in Manchester, UK. Member of ISA since 1996, he contributed to the ISA S18.2 TR4 in 2009 and is now voting member of ISA S18.2 and member of TR7. He was also involved in the preparation of IEC 62682 and the ISA 18.2 2016 edition. He is co-author of several papers on the subject of the application of real-time Artificial Intelligence technology. He is a multilingual presenter on the subject of Alarm Management and Situational Awareness at several seminars, workshops and conferences. He presented at the triennial IFAC HMS conferences in Valenciennes 2010 and Las Vegas, 2013. Lieven lives now in Belgium and he has a vast interest in the psychological aspects of the human interacting with computers, the working of the brain and, consequently, human-machine interfaces, improved graphics and ways of interacting with computers and automation. He is in particular interested in the psychological research performed by the University of Manchester after the Milford Haven incident, which led to the EEMUA 191 publication, and the work performed by the psychology department of the University of Leiden in the aftermath of the Piper Alpha explosion.

Roger Heugen

Roger Heugen is born in 1979 at Maastricht and has a broad knowledge of ICT and Business Management. He started his study at the MTS and after that the HTS. On this moment he is studying for his Six Sigma Black belt certification.

Roger works at Van Doren Engineers as MES Consultant. He has developed MES applications in the past based on ISA-95 and Six Sigma. On this moment he is responsible for MES implementations. Roger is our trainer for ISA-95.

Wally Magda

Wally Magda is an internationally recognized cyber and physical security expert for Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS). His deep security experience spans military nuclear missile command and control systems, intelligence agencies and enterprise security. Wally’s IACS career began as an Instrumentation, Control and Electrical (ICE) Technician. He then progressed to managing control systems as a process control engineer. Seeing the need for security professionals with a background in control systems he stepped into the enterprise level security realm. Wally has conducted numerous cyber and physical security assessments for electric, natural gas, chemical, LNG and manufacturing facilities. Wally brings his passion and unique experience into conducting cyber and physical security training courses and assessments specific to IACS.

Wim Tindemans

Wim Tindemans has a master degree (MSc) in Electronics and Automation. He has more than 20 years of experience in Automation with a clear focus on MES/MOM and Security in industrial automation systems. Currently Wim is working for the local distributor for GE and Worldtech in Belgium, Luxembourg and France. Wim has a broad market knowledge different automation & security solutions. He is an active member of national and international organizations such as ISA Belgium Section, LSEC and many others. He has undertaken international trainings, including advanced ICS security training at the National Department of Homeland security in the USA. Wim is an ISA Certified trainer and Subject Matter Expert for both ISA-95 and ISA/IEC 62443 (ISA-99).

Jean Vieille

Jean is an industrial system expert  who started his career in 1976 operating and maintaining a power station in French sub Antarctic archipelago Crozet.

After travelling the world doing plant erection and commissioning,  he worked successively as a process control engineer, DCS application engineer, system integrator,  software developer and consultant. he worked as an employee, created his own company and eventually became liberal professional.
His expertise covers Process control, Automation, MES / MOM, Interoperability, IT transformation management, Performance management and Intelligence of industrial systems
Jean is an active ISA society member. He was elected France section president, District 12 vice president, ISA executive board member.  He is an active contributor and voting member for ISA-88, ISA-95, ISA-106 and B2MML standards, and our trainer for these standards.