ISA Standards

The ISA Standards help automation professionals streamline processes and improve industry safety, profitability, and efficiency.

Over 150 standards reflect the expertise from over 4,000 industry experts around the world.

Since 1949, ISA has been recognized as the expert source for automation and control systems consensus industry standards.

Key Features, Benefits, and Advantages of Standards

The use of standards in industry:

  •  provides practical application of expert knowledge
  •  improves communication
  • represents years of experience and avoids necessity of starting each project from ground up

Realize a direct return on investment by:

  • increasing safety
  • lowering installation and startup costs
  • reducing need to maintain large inventories
  • enabling interchangeability of components
  • improving design with less “custom” effort

Standards help you achieve operational excellence by:

  • saving money
  • improving performance
  • reducing downtime
  • lowering maintenance costs
  • enhancing operability