Distributed Processor Systems for Control

Not merely distributed control systems (DCS), this continually updated course covers the many aspects of control systems with the impact of the several newly emerging technologies. The perspectives provided are necessary for anyone responsible for legacy control systems, anticipating the purchase of upgrading their existing system, or contemplating the purchase of a new system. It also has been extremely helpful for individuals prior to their going to a supplier’s course on a specific system, as well as for sales personnel for control systems.

Develop a perspective of distributed processor systems and their evolution from DCSs and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to smaller “hybrid” systems, large Enterprise-wide systems and so-called open control systems. Explore the many aspects of traditional single loop, central computer, PLC, programmable automation controller (PAC), Personal Computing networks (PC), the emerging Enterprise Control System (ECS) concept, and traditional supervisory control and data acquisition(SCADA) architectures, along with alarm management issues and the roles of fiber-optic, wireless, multiple fieldbuses, safety systems, and cyber security issues.

You will be able to:

  • Examine latest advances in distributed processor technology using several commercial systems to illustrate the concepts
  • Compare roles and need for ECS, DCS, PLC, PAC, PC, SLC, and traditional SCADA architectures
  • Analyze impact of this technology on possibilities of control strategies as well as operator interfaces
  • Apply concepts of body/mind reaction to audio and visual symbols to meaningful human machine interfaces (HMIs) and impact on alarm management
  • Evaluate and justify potential benefits of distributed processor technology for improved productivity
  • Examine how a process control strategy can now easily evolve with changing plant needs
  • Explore issues involved in linking control processor technology to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
  • Define the differences among the several fieldbuses and the issues of Control-in-the-Field (CIF)
  • Gain perspective on the use of wireless technologies, including security issues
  • Analyze the issues of personnel, process, system, and cyber safety
  • Specify, select and implement distributed processor systems

What you’ll cover:

  • Analysis of Distributed Computing
  • Comparison of Current System Philosophies
  • Controller Structures
  • Operator Interface
  • Communication Networks
  • Control Strategy and Configuration
  • System Security
  • Implementation
  • Looking to Future Changes


3 days


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