Hands On Introduction to Industrial Automation and Control (FG07)

This popular course combines lecture and hands-on labs to provide an overview of industrial measurement and control. Technicians, engineers, and managers will gain a basic understanding of common terminology, practices and applications used in measurement and control systems. Serves as a solid fundamental course for introduction to other ISA courses.

You will be able to:

  • Understand the role of measurement and control in industrial processes
  • Compare continuous, batch, and discrete control and how they are used in industry
  • Interpret measurement and control terminology
  • Compare the methods and devices used in temperature, pressure, level, and flow measurement
  • Understand safe laboratory practices and the proper use of laboratory test equipment including instrument calibrators
  • Apply hands-on skills learned in the laboratory exercises
  • Connect, calibrate, and operate various measurement devices including Smart transmitters
  • Understand, operate, test and tune a simple feedback control loop
  • Compare different control system architectures including single loop controllers, DCS, and PLCs
  • Apply ISA standards to interpret symbols and documentation
  • Communicate the latest trends in measurement and control
  • Communicate with measurement and control professionals

What you’ll cover:

  • Concepts of Process Control: Continuous Process Control | Batch Process Control | Discrete Control | The Role of Measurement and Control in Industry | Graphic Description of Loop Components | Component Loop Dynamics
  • Industrial Measurement Systems: Overview | Sensor Selection and Characteristics | Transmitters | Smart Transmitters
  • Pressure Measurements: Concepts | Instruments | Differential Pressure Measurement
  • Level Measurement: Concepts | Hydrostatic Head Level Measurement | Capacitance Level Measurement | Ultrasonic Level Measurement | Level Measurement by Weight
  • Flow Measurement: Fluid Fundamentals | Methods and Concepts | Differential Head Flow Measurement | Velocity Flow Measurement Devices | Mass Flowmeters
  • Temperature Measurement: Concepts | Thermometers | Thermocouples | RTDs | Thermistors | Temperature Transmitters
  • Industrial Process Control: Basic Feedback Control | Components | PID Control | Final Control Elements | Tuning Concepts
  • Trends in Control Technologies: Smart Components | Fieldbus
  • Proper Operation and Use of Test Equipment: Calibrators


4,5 days


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