Developing an ISA-100.11a Wireless Standard Compliant Product

This course focuses on gaining a fundamental understanding of the organizations, technologies, terminology, and steps required in developing a Draf ISA-100.11a wireless standard compliant product. You will become familiar with the market applicability of the current ISA-100.11a standard as well as the basic concepts and new terminology. You will learn key strategies necessary in developing compliant products that will include understanding significant functional components as well as compliance testing requirements. Additionally, you will gain knowledge of how to work with the Wireless Compliance Institute and the Wireless Toolkit for testing of compliant products.

You will be able to:

  • Understand the marketability of the ISA-100 Family of Standards
  • Be familiar with the operation of the standard’s technology and architecture
  • Recognize the functional wireless devices within the standard
  • Understand the ISO layers as applied to the standard
  • Appreciate the universal applicability of the standard
  • Know how to make a wireless product secure within the standard
  • Be aware of co-existence issues and methods for handling within the standard
  • Know general wireless terminology and usage
  • Discern what the standard provides and what it doesn’t in building a wireless product
  • Comprehend a standard profile and it’s function
  • Begin implementation of a n ISA-100.11a Standard product
  • Work with the Wireless Compliance Institute for product compliance

You will cover:

  • Introduction to the ISA-100.11a Standard: Market Overview and Positioning – Family of Standards – Universality – Co-Existence – Architecture – Specifications
  • ISA-100.11a Standard Technology: ISO Layer view – Security Manager – System Manager – Configuration – Application Data Flow – Topology Options – Routing through layers – Security through layers – Management through layers
  • Product Development: Radio and Radio Module – Certification issues and strategy – Software Stack – Interfaces – Device Descriptions (DDs)
  • Wireless Compliance Institute: Mission – Membership – Product Certification – Compliance Tools – Support Resources

Classroom/Laboratory Exercises:

  • Demonstration of ISA-100.11a Technology
  • Exercise for Using the Wireless Toolkit for Compliance


2 days


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