System Checkout, Testing, and Startup (EA10)

This course provides the information necessary in the Checkout, System Test, and Startup of process control systems; the learning experience is enhanced through exercises for each of the necessary stages from risk analysis through Site Acceptance Testing.

You will be able to:

  • Determine the adequacy of a documentation package when given a specified start-up scenario
  • Select the hardware approach that would meet the given criteria including cost effectiveness, efficacy, and reliability
  • Select the best risk containment policy/procedure for given conditions
  • Determine by receipt verification and an instrument commissioning matrix those instruments requiring calibration and other actions taken prior to loop testing for correct commissioning
  • Identify selected loop components and connections
  • Locate various loop components as to the general area of their installation
  • Describe the checkout procedure to verify installation of selected loop components
  • Determine the correct calibration requirements for selected instruments
  • Select which identifiable sections of software coding require what degree of testing to develop a matrix for testing procedures
  • Develop a plan for alarm and interlock testing that will simulate both correct and out-of-bounds conditions that will meet all given conditions

What you’ll cover:

  • First Look – Prerequisites: Documentation | Risk Analysis | Safety Hardware | Shutdown Procedures | Policies and Procedures
  • Instrument Commissioning: Receipt Verification | Installation Verification
  • Loop Testing: Component | Loop-wide | Calibration
  • Software Testing: Software Assurance | Program Test | Security Test
  • Alarm/Interlock Testing: Simulation of Correct Operation | Simulation of Out-of-Bounds Conditions
  • Live Test: Site Acceptance Testing | Factory Acceptance Testing | Loop Tuning


3 days


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